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Signature Seasonings Benefits From HP Ink

Signature Seasonings has announced that it is using HP ink with its RSI printing platform.

The move represents the commercial debut of HP's Black 2570 Solvent Ink, which is the first to be tailored specifically for non-porous substrates, reports

The ink dries quickly and does not require drying devices, while its extended decap time enables intermittent industrial printing with immediate start-up and limited printhead servicing between jobs.

Signature Seasonings vice president Jay Neuhoff said: "With our old machine, if we didn’t plan to use it for several days, we had to flush the system to avoid the ink drying inside the tubes and solenoids."

The RSI hydra printing platform starts up in less than two minutes, offering strong efficiency for firms.

Later this month, HP will present a range of new products at the Photokina event in Cologne.

It will take place between September 18th and 21st, exhibiting a number of new devices from several companies.

Posted by Barry Ashmore.

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