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Why pay over the odds for dell printer cartridges?

Why is it that dell ink cartridges can be guaranteed to run out exactly at the moment you need them most? You stand there, paper in hand, staring at the barely legible dell printer ink, and wish you’d stocked on some refill dell printer cartridges sooner.

It may be that the price of dell printer cartridges stopped you from having enough spares on hand. At the ludicrously high prices you can find yourself paying for dell ink cartridges, that’s hardly surprising.

The results of a Which? magazine report into printer cartridges were revealing. They found that warnings in dell ink cartridges that the dell printer ink was running out were often premature. (Other manufacturers were guilty of this as well.) Not only that, but a millilitre of dell printer ink works out an astronomical £1.70. By contrast, buying a similar quantity of vintage champagne would set you back just 23p!

So it’s no wonder people are fed up of endlessly shelling out extortionate amounts for their dell printer cartridges.

To make things worse, price of dell printer ink and other top makes of cartridge have gone up in response to the weakness of the pound against the euro. That’s because most manufacturers use the Euro as their base currency for the entire European market. The bottom line is you end up paying more for your dell ink cartridges.

Buying 'compatible' cartridges is one way of saving money. By ‘compatible cartridges’, we mean brand new ones which a company other than the printer manufacturer has produced.

Compatible dell ink cartridges from us at Direct Ink are guaranteed to perform at least as well as the 'original dell printer ink cartridge' they are intended to replace.

At Trade Ink, we have been making and selling compatible printer cartridges for all the major manufacturers for more than 10 years now and, we know the industry inside out.

We stock an extremely wide range of original and our own brand completely compatible dell ink cartridges.

And we’re just as happy supplying large orders to commercial users as we are looking after individuals who just need dell printer cartridges to print out occasionally at home.

We’ve seen our production levels soar over the last five years, especially since the introduction of our website in 2003. This has meant we have been able to reduce prices of our dell ink cartridges and keep them consistently low while maintaining the quality of the dell printer cartridges we offer.

You can see from the rave reviews we get on household name sites like Google, ebay and Amazon how highly our customers value the service we provide. We’ve received five-star ratings from each one of these sites, from people who have been happy with their orders of dell printer cartridges or compatible cartridges for other leading brands of printer. Our own web site also carries plenty of testimonials from delighted customers.

As well as being totally compatible and safe to use in your printer, you’ll find dell printer ink refills from us tend to last longer, as well as costing a fraction of the price of the original version.

And you don’t have to worry that our dell printer cartridges will void the warranty on your printer – we’ve never known that to happen in all our years in business.

Not only that, but at Trade Ink we offer free UK delivery on all orders of all dell ink cartridges, as well as an extra 10% off when you come to us for your dell printer cartridges for a second time. There are further discounts on dell ink cartridges and other products for schools and similar organisations, and most established businesses, as well as a 30-day credit facility. As if all that wasn’t enough, we’ll even give you even more money off if you mention on your web site that you bought your dell printer ink cartridges through Direct Ink.

You can buy our dell ink cartridges safe in the knowledge that a year-long warranty and 7-day money-back guarantee come as standard on all products which you order from us. So, in the unlikely event that you feel your dell printer ink cartridges don’t match the online description, we’ll give you a full refund.

We have numerous procedures in place to ensure the standards of our dell printer ink cartridges – as with all our products, our dell printer cartridges meet exacting European quality standards or we won’t sell them.

You may also be interested to know about how we recycle dell printer cartridges. If you receive a white pre-paid recycling envelope, returning your empty cartridges in it will mean Cancer Research UK, our chosen charity, receives a donation, less waste goes to landfill, and we can remanufacture the cartridge with more ink at a cheaper price for you. So everyone’s a winner, and that’s just one more reason to buy your cartridges from us at Trade Ink.

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