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Fed up of paying too much for your canon printer ink cartridges?

If you are like most people, you are probably happy with your Canon printer and see it as an important part of your working life.

But you are probably less happy with the cost of Canon ink cartridges. Unlike the printer itself, canon printer ink cartridges are not one-off purchases but something you have to keep on buying.

And, like everything else these days, when your canon printer ink runs out and it’s time to buy refills, the price always seems to have gone up. Again.

Many so-called cheap sources of Canon ink cartridges are not reliable. Some may claim to offer ‘compatible’ cartridges and high-quality canon printer ink, but the reality can be very different.

And, in the worst case scenario –  canon ink cartridges which turn out not to be compatible, or low-quality Canon printer ink – can leave you with printing which is just not up to scratch, or, even worse,  a printer damaged beyond repair.

Now, however, there is somewhere you can turn for all your canon printer ink cartridges. Somewhere they won’t cost the earth. Somewhere you can be sure your canon ink cartridges will give you the superb standard of printing you need without harming your printer or your wallet.

Whether you run a thriving business which prints out all the time, or you have a printer for occasional use at home, at Trade Ink, we can supply you with canon printer ink cartridges at less than half the cost you’d pay for original canon printer ink refills. Having been in business for a decade, we know our product and the industry extremely well.

There are so many advantages to ordering your Canon ink cartridges through us – from the freephone line to give you help and advice, to our secure online ordering.

What’s more, we can safely say all our compatible canon printer ink cartridges have an even higher capacity than original canon printer ink, and a higher number of prints per cartridge than you would expect from an original.

We’re pleased to say we now have the new Canon CLI-521 series in stock, along with our compatible Canon Cli 8 series ink cartridges. In fact, the range we have is massive, and all are proven to work with canon printers. So, whatever kind of canon printer you have, we’re very likely to be able to help you out. And, remember – it doesn’t matter if you’re a home or business user, or how many cartridges you require. We’ll be glad to provide you with what you need.

The cost of original canon ink cartridges never ceases to amaze us, and we’re sure you find it staggering as well! As with most brand original inks, this is usually rated at roughly £1.70 per millilitre. Scandalously, this makes the cost of original canon printer ink higher, millilitre for millilitre, than a bottle of vintage champagne.

We can offer the same quality Canon printer ink cartridges at less than half this sky-high price.

The reason we are able to supply canon printer ink cartridges so cheaply is beautifully simple – and there’s no catch. Partly, we can keep our costs down by reusing old packaging to create the cartridges for our all of our compatible canon ink cartridges. This is also a very eco-friendly way of working, since it reduces the overall carbon output involved in production. If you run a business, buying your canon printer ink replacements from us could be a great part of your company’s environmental policy.

As with all our products, there’s a year-long warranty on all canon printer ink cartridges you buy from us. We’ll be glad to replace any canon ink cartridges you’re less than entirely happy with, for whatever reason, and we won’t ask any questions.

Once you’ve bought from us once, we’re sure you won’t want to buy your canon cartridges from anyone else.

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