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Want to save money on BT ink cartridges?

You may associate BT more readily with telephones, but it’s not hard to find rave online reviews of BT printers. One customer, for example, told Amazon how pleased they were with their machine, and, in particular, the quality of photograph printing. Another said they were delighted they can print pictures from their phone, and use the card reader to print from their camera as well.

But, however great the printers are, BT printer cartridges need replacing regularly, as all printer cartridges do. And it’s rather less easy to find customers who are as delighted with the cost of their BT printer ink cartridges as they are with the printers themselves.

In tough times such as these, when funds are tight, no-one can afford to spend more on BT printer cartridges than they have to. Yet, for many of us, BT ink cartridges are a necessity rather than a luxury or an optional extra. We all need to print, both at home and for work. And, if you are self-employed, the cost of BT printer cartridges can make a real difference to the overheads involved in running your business. Even if you advise staff to print only when they have to, and to use both sides of the paper, you’ll still need to buy BT printer ink cartridges.

It didn’t help that, late last year, the major manufacturers hiked the prices of original ink cartridges in response to the weakness of sterling against the euro.

But if you go all out for dirt cheap BT ink cartridges, you can end up doing more harm than good. In the past, for example, cheap, poor quality BT printer ink cartridges

from China flooded the UK market. You could buy them in car boots sales and markets and the like, as well as online. These BT printer cartridges (and cartridges for other makes of printer) were advertised as ‘compatible’, but, in reality, were anything but. The poor quality of printing was combined with the ability of these BT ink cartridges to seriously damage printers.

At Direct Ink, we decided to enter the market making our own BT printer ink cartridges to offer superb value and genuine quality and printer compatibility. Our unique high capacity BT printer ink cartridge cases are made from a high percentage of recycled plastic. While this doesn’t affect the quality of the casing of our BT printer cartridges casing, it does reduce waste.

To make our high quality BT ink cartridges, we needed a strong partnership with an ink manufacturer. We decided against a ‘universal ink’ that can supposedly be used in all kinds of cartridges, including BT printer cartridges. And, after extensive testing, we settled on Germany’s largest manufacturer, OCP.

We now sell BT printer ink cartridges direct to homes and business and trade customers via our web site. The helpful online support centre gives huge amounts of information about installing and using BT ink cartridges. For example, we’ll tell you what to do if, initially, your printer doesn’t appear to accept the BT printer cartridges you’ve bought from us.

The web site also gives details about recycling BT printer ink cartridges for your school, college, university or other institution. We pay up to £ 2.50 for each one of your empty BT printer cartridges as part of our recycling for schools initiative. So with hundreds of pupils, staff and families collecting empty BT ink cartridges, you could easily earn over notch up per month.  Start within days by opening a free recycling account online with our easy-to-use application form, and make money for a school or college that’s close to your heart.

Our BT ink cartridges cost under half the price of original BT printer cartridges, and, what’s more, our BT printer ink cartridges enjoy an extended life as well. As well as BT ink cartridges, we sell compatible cartridges for all the major printer manufacturers.

You can rest assured that buying BT printer cartridges from us will not affect the warranty on your printer. So buying BT printer ink cartridges from us really can give you peace of mind on that score as well.

Finally, there’s great news if you buy BT printer cartridges from us and you run a website. If you use our BT printer ink cartridges, we’ll give you 20% off all your BT ink cartridges as long as you are happy to give us a simple online recommendation, with a link to our site, even if that’s tucked away at the bottom of your home page!

We’re very confident that our BT printer cartridges will match those from the original manufacturer in everything but price, on which we will offer you a better deal.

At a time when no-one can afford to haemorrhage cash they just don’t have, you’ll find it pays to check out Direct Ink.



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