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  Buy Brother original and compatible ink cartridges.  We stock both compatible Brother ink cartridges and original Brother printer ink.  Please select the series of Ink Cartridges you wish to view from the options below.

Brother LC1100 Ink Cartridges
Brother LC1100 Ink Cartridges
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Brother LC1000 LC51 Ink Cartridges
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Brother LC980 Ink Cartridges
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Brother LC970 Ink Cartridges
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Brother LC900 LC41 Ink Cartridges
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Brother LC700 Ink Cartridges

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How to save money on Brother printer cartridges and ink

As you know, Brother ink cartridges are the replaceable components of the ink jet printer containing the Brother printer ink and sometimes the print-head itself), spread on paper during printing.

Each of the Brother ink cartridges has at least one partitioned ink reservoir.  Usually, two separate Brother printer cartridges are placed in a printer: one with black Brother printer ink and one with Brother printer ink in each of the three primary colours. Some Brother printer cartridges are designed specifically for the printing of photographs.

When the ink first begins to run thin, you should refill or replace the ink cartridge, to avoid damage to the print-head which can be caused by over-heating.

Typically, ink cartridges from all manufacturers, not just Brother printer cartridges, can be very expensive, and there have previously been consumer campaigns about this issue, along with plenty of online rants about the price of cartridges.

Consumer champion Which? magazine, for example, has called for an industry standard for measuring ink cartridge performance, and has reported that, millilitre for millilitre, some printer cartridges can be seven times more expensive than vintage champagne. 

In the UK, more than five years ago, the pricing of printer cartridges was the subject of an Office of Fair Trading investigation.

Indeed, consumers are often surprised at just how much it costs to replace printer cartridges, compared to the cost of a new printer. This reason for this is that many printer manufacturers find that they lose money on printer sales, and look to recoup this loss by selling refill cartridges and printer ink at a very high cost.

So people are always looking to find ways of buying Brother ink cartridges at a reasonable price, especially in these tough economic times. Some opt to have their printer cartridges refilled or purchased remanufactured cartridges from third parties to save money against the cost of buying new ink cartridges. But this method isn’t always the best guarantee of quality.

As with all other manufacturers, Brother ink cartridges and Brother printer ink are unique to Brother printers, and other types may be incompatible physically or electrically.

If you use the wrong Brother printer cartridges or Brother printer ink, you can have poor quality printing, or, worse, end up destroying your printer. Also, the process can be very messy!

Instead, you’d be better off looking for other reliable and safe ways to buy your Brother ink cartridges and Brother printer ink at reasonable prices. And one of the first things you should do to find cheaper Brother printer cartridges is go online.

At Direct Ink, for example, we offer free UK delivery on all Brother ink cartridges, and cover the full range of Brother inkjet printers. We have been working on creating compatible inks of the same quality as those used in original Brother printer ink products for the past decade. And everyone of our one of our Brother printer ink cartridges is up to scratch in terms of rigorous European standards.

So, while you may initially (and understandably) be a bit wary, especially if you are not used to ordering online, you can order from us with complete confidence in the quality of our products. It is this confidence which has led us to issue a one-year warranty on our products.

Whether you use your Brother printer mainly at home or in the office, we reckon our totally compatible Brother ink cartridges can save you more than half the cost of original Brother printer cartridges. And you can rest assured that our cartridges come complete with high quality Brother printer ink – we use the same type as is found in the original product.

Our range of compatible Brother ink cartridges has been showed to do just as well, and often out-perform, the number of printed pages you would expect from original Brother printer cartridges.

We make Brother ink cartridges without the repackaging and other added costs other retailers add, hiking up the price of an original Brother printer ink product. Because we make Brother printer cartridges ourselves, we save time and money – savings we can pass directly on to you.

We’re confident you’d struggle to find a better deal on Brother ink cartridges anywhere else. But don’t just take our word for it – log on to our user-friendly site, read some rave customer reviews, and see for yourself how we can save you money.

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Brother ink cartridges for Brother inkjet printers in both compatible & original versions. Buy Brother printer ink

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